UI/UX Software Engineer

I am a UI/UX Software Engineer and JS MVC Developer with 10+ years experience. I have developed Enterprise Angular applications as well as designed both Responsive and Native mobile applications. I am a senior UX professional, and am highly proficient at creating Styleguides, Pattern Libraries and GUI’s. I am also well versed in the most current industry design patterns including iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design patterns.

Michael Bowlin - Portfolio

Arrow Electronics

Enterprise Application Development

GUI Designer, UX Architect and Angular Developer
Michael Bowlin - Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics

As a client side developer at Arrow Electronics I worked with a large team responsible for multiple desktop and mobile applications.

Cricket Wireless

Enterprise Application Development

GUI Designer and UX/UI Architect
Michael Bowlin - Cricket Wireless

Michael Bowlin - Cricket Wireless Portfolio

While at Cricket Wireless I worked closely with a Graphic Designer creating a Pattern Library, architecting a prototype environment for developers and creating pixel-perfect GUI's.

RSI Accounting

Senior UX, Application Development and Wordpress maintenance
Michael Bowlin - RSI

Michael Bowlin - RSI Portfolio

Worked with a medium sized development team and was responsible for UI, Lead UX and GUI Design.
Michael Bowlin - UI/UX Software Engineer

2016-17 Portfolio Work Upon Request

Michael Bowlin - Portfolio